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At Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority, sisterhood is for a lifetime. After graduation, sisters join the group of alumnae of both their Chapters and the entire organization. On this new journey, they have many options to continue their work as a Kappa sister. Locally, an alumnae sister could participate in a local Chapter Alumnae Association, or even start their Chapter’s own group. Nationally, they also have the choice to dedicate their time to work on either the National Board or the National Alumnae Association.


The National Board is comprised of volunteer alumnae sisters. These individuals ensure that the daily operations of running a sorority are accomplished. Alumnae can participate as a Voting Board Member or as an Associate Board Member. The Voting Board Members lead and guide the Associate Board in executing the daily workings of the sorority and establishes and executes additional goals that they set annually. These positions are two-year terms and require participation at all meetings and events. As an Associate Board Member, alumnae have the chance to apply their skills to help benefit the sorority. From committee work to working with the actives as a Chapter Consultant, there are opportunities that will fit any skill-set. Terms for these positions are annual, and attendance at meetings and events are not required, but are strongly encouraged. This elevates an Associate Board Member’s experience.


The National Alumnae Association is another group that an alumnae sister can join. The National Alumnae Association gives alumnae sisters the opportunity to get together and share their experiences and uphold the Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority ideals in their communities. The National Alumnae Association always has a table at the National Convention where interested alumnae can discuss their participation with the Voting Board Members. For any interested alumnae not able to make it to the National Convention, please reach out to the President, Sue Dyer Taylor, on how to become part of this amazing Association!

National Board
National Alumnae Association

The National Board runs the daily operations of the sorority. This includes both administrative work and field work that involves developing Chapters. The National Alumnae Association works with alumnae and other non-affiliated organizations in order to improve their local communities.

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