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Benefits and Responsibilities


Kappa Delta Phi, NAS offers each member endless opportunities to grow as a person and learn life skills that will prove invaluable throughout their lifetime. Members find support for personal growth, leadership in the Chapter and on campus, participation in community service and involvement in other initiatives that are important to them.


Best of all, Kappa is for life! From the moment they join, members become part of a national network committed to promoting the values of leadership, generosity, charity, and integrity in each other.

  1. Sorority Event Insurance

  2. Admission to the annual National Convention

  3. Opportunities to attend Summer Leadership Retreat and Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA)

  4. Opportunities to earn scholarships

  5. Leadership Skill Development

  6. Networking opportunities throughout New England and PA

  7. Lifelong Friendships


Membership in Kappa Delta Phi, NAS also comes with expectations. Kappa’s code of conduct provides a framework for behavior that is consistent with our common values. Members are expected to live with integrity and hold each other accountable. Kappa Delta Phi, NAS expects its members to strive for kindness at all times.


We also expect members to make academics a priority and meet the standards set by the chapter. Furthermore, members are required to attend Chapter meetings and other required Chapter functions and uphold their financial responsibilities to ensure the Chapter — and the National organization — run smoothly

  1. Abidance by the Code of Conduct

  2. Annual Dues Fee

  3. Attendance and participation at Chapter/Emerging Chapter events and meetings

  4. Philanthropy

  5. Fundraising for the National Fundraiser

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