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National Philanthropy Day

By: Lauren Porter

Philanthropy is a corner stone of our organization. Philanthropy day is a day to celebrate the contributions to philanthropy that organizations like ours contributes to the philanthropic community.

As sisters of Kappa Delta phi nas we know not only does philanthropy allow us to give back and make a difference in the world around us, but it also brings us together. We can see the benefits of philanthropy to those in need but also in those giving their time and energy into philanthropic projects. Planning Philanthropic activities bring us closer together as sister and help us stay informed and aware about the world around us. This day is to celebrate our amazing work we have done over the past years and the organizations we have supported. Take the opportunity today to to celebrate the accomplishments of your chapter in raising awareness and funding for American foundation for Suicide Prevention and develop a game plan with your sister on how you can make the most impact this year. View the video below for more information on National Philanthropy Day from AFP

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