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Strategies for a Better Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

The Work-Life Balance is the state of equilibrium between one’s work and personal life. It is a delicate balance and for some it may be even more complex than just balancing the two. Some may be balancing work, personal life, school, sorority, and infinitely many more things. 

Here are a few strategies to help create a better work/life balance:

Leave Work At Work Even (and especially) for those of us who love our jobs, it can be tempting to work after hours to get things done, but it is so important to set boundaries. Try to avoid checking your work email outside of work hours. Use your time at work efficiently and use your time away from work to rest and recharge. 

Be Intentional With Your Time Plan out your day in the morning. Make a list of things that you need to do and block off time on your schedule to complete those tasks. It may seem silly, but be sure to schedule breaks for yourself. People can stay focused on average for about 25 minutes at a time. Add 25 minutes of work time on your calendar and then give yourself a 5 minute break. 

Take Breaks It is crucial that you take breaks. Stand up and move around a bit, maybe go for a short walk. Try to limit your screen time and avoid scrolling for too long. Take some time to explore new hobbies and you can use your breaks to craft, read, or meditate. Using your breaks to do something that you enjoy helps you destress and then be prepared to get back to work. 

Unfortunately, there is no magical recipe for the perfect work-life balance. It will always take effort to maintain a balance because the demands of work and life are always changing, and often unexpectedly. Utilizing these strategies can help you get a little closer to achieving the balance that you want! 

Comment and let us know what strategies work best for you.

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