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The 10 Top Places to See The Best Foliage in Autumn                   

By Annie Wadsworth

On August 31st, 2013, I moved into my freshman year dorm at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire. Henniker is the only Henniker on earth. It was muggy and I couldn’t see anything but tears, I was so homesick. I could only see blurs, and green shaped objects which ended up being trees. I grew up in Old Lyme, Connecticut, and while it is woodsy. It also could be the epitome of suburban paradise! When my tears finally dried, I began to see what my new home could offer me. As I started my first month of college, I began to change, and so did the trees. No, seriously, the trees were changing. From the green, leafy shoots of summer, I saw gold, red, orange and yellow emerging. , 

It is said that New England has the best foliage in the fall, and they don't lie. They, being the leaf experts, I assume. Arborists? Who knows! Anywho, the reason I just gave you a somewhat embarrassing insight into my first month at college, is to talk about the trees. Or more importantly foliage! If you are a leaf enthusiast, or at least love the leaves like they did in the Family Guy episode, here are the top 10 locations to see the best foliage, eleven if you count henniker because of course that is number one in my book. But i'm not biased. Never.

  1. Woodstock, Vermont

  2. Stowe, Vermont

  3. North Conway, New Hampshire

  4. Manchester, Vermont

  5. Lennox, Massechusets

  6. Franconia, New Hampshire

  7. Bar Harbor, Maine

  8. Waitsfield, Vermont

  9. Bethlehem, New Hampshire

  10. Bethel, Maine

  11. And of course, the true number one, in my heart, and yours if you ever visit, Henniker, New Hampshire

(Photo by Annie)

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